Training Course Archive 1

Training Course 1 - Introduction to PoreXpert with an emphasis on porometry

    Explains the automated loading of datafiles from Porolux porometers. Also basic characteristics of the model (and hence your sample), such as void size distribution and connectivity distribution.

Training Course 2 - PoreXpert permeability and filtration algorithms

    Explains how PoreXpert calculates absolute permeability, and the approximations involved. Explains how the permeability algorithm tracks flow routes through the simulated sample, and how the filtration algorithm feeds particles down these routes to simulate depth filtration. Shows the 3D graphs of filtration characteristics (particle size versus pressure drop (clogging) versus filtration efficiency).

Training Course 3 - PoreXpert targeted modification algorithm

    Explains the "What-if" facility i.e. manually changing the model to investigate the possible effects of weathering, enhanced oil recovery, different production conditions, etc.

All data files used during the training courses are available on the downloads page.
Newer training course videos are available on the following page.