"... a comprehensive tool for modelling porosity and fluidics in porous structures."
extract from RSC Chemistry World review

"This software has enabled us to improve our sintered aluminium test piece, and we have featured some virtual reality structures in our new company brochure."
Dr Mark Cross, Chemical Technology Manager, Ultraseal International, Coventry, UK.

"...we are very impressed with your work. We\'ve sent samples to other groups for analysis and none have even come close to the information you\'ve given us."
Jeffrey Alvaji, QuestAir Technologies Inc., Canada.

"...congratulations for new version of your software. It is very user-friendly!! I think it will increase consistently the use of model worldwide."
Prof. Francesco Morari, Università di Padova, Italy.

"You and your team have produced a great tool – which seems to only improve with time."
Walt Pavlakovich, General Manager Tech. Service, World Minerals Inc., California

"I have gained further insight on my research work after undergoing the training course which will be very helpful in moving forward. It has a lot of capacities to be explored based on the user’s needs, and is very user friendly!"
Paul Dim, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom