This list is of publications by the Environmental and Fluid Modelling Group related directly or indirectly to use of Pore-Cor Research Suite and/or PoreXpert in scientific journals since 1991.

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2009 and earlier

  • Matthews G.P., Price, John C., Matthews A.G., Quinlan, K. and Sexton, J. (2009) A Depth Filtration Model of Straining within the Void Networks of Stainless Steel Filters, AIChE Journal, 55, 3134 - 3144.
  • Matthews, G.P., Watts, C.W., Powlson, D.S., Price J.C. and Whalley W.R., Wetting of agricultural soils measured by a simplified capillary rise technique, European Journal of Soil Science, doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2389.2008.01039.x . Published article online : 31-Mar-2008. (Note that this publication does not use Pore-Cor Research Suite directly, but generates data that we will compare to simulations generated by Pore-Ped in conjunction with the fast wetting algorithm of Pore-Cor.)
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