PoreXpert Professional

Pore-Cor, the predecessor of PoreXpert, has been used extensively world-wide, and has also been the subject of 6 international training courses, as well as additional courses for specific companies and agents. Due to this we have recieved extensive feedback on the software, from which PoreXpert Professional has been designed 'from the bottom up' with this feedback in mind. Some of its specific features are:

  • Very much more powerful fundamental scientific basis
    • simulated void structures are base on infinitely repeating 'unit cells' which connect infinitely in all directions. In Pore-Cor, these comprised 1000 pores and up to 3000 inter-connecting throats, 4000 void features. In PoreXpert Professional, they can be any size, up to a unit cell size consisting of 32000 void features, 8 times larger than Pore-Cor (unit cells greater than 13500 void features require a 64 bit computer with a minimum of 4 GBytes RAM). Cuboidal unit cell
      Cuboidal unit cell
    • fluids can be injected or drained from any surface or point within the structure.Fluid injected into unit cell
      Fluid injected into unit cell
    • simulations can be intermeshed – for example the thermal conductivity (collected by an entirely different model spliced into PoreXpert) can be found for different moisture saturations of the original structure.
    • both the program itself and the physics are 'object-based' , so potentially, for example, every feature in the structure could have a different wettability or shape.
  • Impressive and useful graphics, including
    • real-time convergence of a simulated intrusion (e.g. mercury porosimetry) curve onto the experimental curve. Real-time data fitting
      Real-time data fitting
    • an 'X-ray' virtual reality mode where internal features can be highlighted relative to an overall skeleton.
    • a 2-D scanner to examine sections of the structure , for example to examine how far a wetting front has advanced.
  • Highly versatile user interface, featuring
    • Un-cluttered control screens with a total absence of jargon. Advanced features are still present, but are accessed by discreet drop-down menus.
    • an icon-based listing of operations, which can be saved to start where the simulation has left off, or saved as a batch for running overnight or for repeated operations such as Quality Control.
    • Size-scalable screens, (in the same way that web pages can be shrunk progressively in size if desired).
  • Even more of the work done automatically, including
    • recognition and interpretation of all types of data file.
    • production of standard reports.

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