PoreXpert Cloud

PoreXpert Cloud is a version of PoreXpert hosted initially on a server in the Environmental and Fluid Modelling Group laboratories, which will then propagate automatically into a cloud computing network. It is an on-demand service that allows you to:

  • Run structures that are larger than permitted by your version of PoreXpert - as indicated by the Cloud icon appearing.
  • Run routine calculations, such as those required for quality control, in batch mode without tying up your own computer.
Calculations performed on the PoreXpert Cloud service can be purchased as one-off calculations or as batches of calculations. So if you would like to use that opportunity, please contact us.

PoreXpert Professional Cloud

Large operations requiring dedicated time on the servers will be handled using the PoreXpert Professional Cloud Service.

PoreXpert Professional Cloud provides a means for high-end users to pre-book blocks of time on what is effectively a super-computer tailored to the requirements of PoreXpert and its customers. Very large structures generated by PoreXpert (up to 108000 void features) have the benefit of adding realism to the simulation of complicated void structure networks. They also stabilise the calculation of permeability with respect to stochastic generation, and allow the simulation of intricate properties such as the development of advance wetting fronts. However, such large structures take large amounts of RAM and CPU time. Even with a very powerful computer of your own, you would find that you were running your computer for many days at 100% CPU utilisation, and thus you would be quite likely to damage your computer or power supply. So such advanced studies can be prescribed in the form of a batch of operations, and then the batch run on our PoreXpert Cloud servers, which will propagate out the calculation to remote compute nodes if required. Such calculations are cost effective in that they are very likely to avoid lengthy laboratory tests, or trial and error development of your porous product.

PoreXpert Cloud and PoreXpert Professional Cloud results can be viewed using PoreXtract which is the free of charge PoreXpert File Viewer.