PoreXpand - the PoreXpert Compressibility Correction Tool

PoreXpand is an additional software program that corrects mercury porosimetry data from Micromeritics mercury porosimeters for compression of the solid phase of the sample. PoreXpand can also correct for the compression of the mercury and expansion of the sample chamber for Micromeritics Mercury Porosimeters.


PoreXpand prepares the mercury porosimetry data for use with PoreXpert, and also calulates useful measurements of the compressibility of solid phase of the porous matrix.


An upgrade from Pore-Comp part of Pore-Cor Research Suite, which is the predecessor to PoreXpert is available. Please follow the link to the license plans page above to see the price for upgrading Pore-Comp.
To order the upgrade please ensure that the serial number of your Pore-Cor Research Suite is included so we can verify your details.