Licence Plans

PoreXpert software is in continuous development, whereas the versions that can be purchased below are currently the off shelf version already fully tested and developed. However, PoreXpert is enthusiastic to work with our customers to develop a custom adaptation of the software that is specially tailored for you and your company - exclusivity would be subject to negotiation. If you are interested in collaboration with us for a specialised version of PoreXpert please contact us.

For single user licence prices for PoreXpert, PoreXpert Professional and PoreXpert Professional Academic, please see the following table for the purchase options. For users wishing to purchase multiple copies of PoreXpert, PoreXpert Professional and PoreXpert Professional Academic please contact the suport team.

  • The annual lease option includes the cost of a support package, which entitles users to free upgrades and updates to the software.

  • The Perpetual licence includes a one year support package, and entitles the user to software updates during this one year period. To continue receiving updates to the software after the first year a support package needs to be purchased. The cost of the support package for each version is listed below.


  • Annual lease - £2160 + VAT

  • Perpetual license - £4500 + VAT
    • Optional support package - £900 + VAT

PoreXpert Professional

  • Annual lease - £7200 + VAT

  • Perpetual license - £15000 + VAT
    • Optional support package - From £3000 + VAT

PoreXpert Professional Academic

  • Annual lease - £1440 + VAT

  • Perpetual license - £3000 + VAT
    • Optional support Package - £600 + VAT


  • Perpetual Academic License - £200 + VAT
  • Perpetual License - £400 + VAT
  • PoreXpand upgrade from Pore-Comp - £100 + VAT

We classify an update to the software as a minor update to the software e.g. from version 1.0 to version 1.1. An upgrade is a major revision, with new features, and is marked by going from, for example, version 1 to version 2. Perpetual users are entitled to free updates during the first year, but not upgrades. However, if a perpetual licence is purchased within 30 days of a following upgrade, that upgrade will be supplied at no further cost.
The annual lease includes upgrades to the software as part of the annual lease cost, and also includes the annual support package. All perpetual users are entitled to a discounted upgrade price when PoreXpert is upgraded.