ISO 9001:2008

The features of ISO 9001:2008 are:

  • logging of all correspondence between client and our staff, right through from initial enquiry to final customer feedback
  • a formal agreement with the customer as to exactly what is required in the job (see example)
  • all measurements calibrated back to National Measurement Institutes standards, with copies of Instrument calibration certificates available on request
  • all measurements carried out to protocols, known as standard operating procedures or SOPs, which correspond to the manufacturers' own procedures, or in-house procedures based on procedures available in the primary literature (SOPs available on request).
  • all staff carrying out the work trained to appropriate levels
  • logging and tracking of sample receipt, preparation and disposal
  • a formal report in Adobe Acrobat pdf format as specified by the quote and SOPs, with additional information (such as spreadsheets) supplied outside ISO 9001:2008 if required and agreed. See an example report.
  • customer feedback, with actions if required.