Consolidated Radio-isotope Facility Services

CORiF offers a wide range of ISO-certified research and consultancy services to external academic, public and private sector clients. Radionuclide analyses using ISO-accredited ORTEC gamma spectrometers including two planar types (model numbers GEM-FX8530 and GMX50-83-LB-C-SMN-S) and a well type (model number GWL-170-15-S).

Data quality is assured through regular participation in external proficiency tests:

  • 2007 Inter-laboratory comparison of fallout radionuclides in IAEA soils with Commonwealth Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia
  • 2008 Gamma-emitting radionuclides in milk with the Max Rübner Institute (MRI), Germany
  • 2009 Environmental Radioactivity Proficiency Test (2009) with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), UK
  • 2010 IAEA-CU-2009-03 World-Wide Open Proficiency Test with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna

Services include:

Low-level gamma-emitting radionuclides using 7Be; 137Cs; 210Pb. Measurements of activity concentrations in soils and sediments for application in studies of soil erosion, sediment budgeting and geochronology.

Geochronology from cores of sediments or peats using 241Am; 137Cs; 210Pb. Measurements of activity concentrations and, if required, quantitative interpretation of the results in respect of dating and sediment accumulation.

Gamma-emitting radionuclides in contaminated liquids and soilds. Identification and quantification of suspect radionuclides in, for example, samples of contaminated land or waters.

Tracer studies using alpha and beta emitters monitored using advanced liquid scintillation counting. Uptake and release of alpha or beta emitting radionuclides by, for example, aquatic sediments and suspended particle. We also undertake ecotoxicological studies on the uptake and impact of radionuclides on terrestrial and aquatic organisms.

Anaerobic Chamber. The COY Anaerobic chamber provides the capability to manipulate samples in an oxygen-free environment. Recent research has used this facility to explore the environmental behaviour and fate of redox sensitive radionuclides, such as technetium, uranium and thorium, and metals, such as iron and arsenic, in anaerobic sediments and soils.

Non-radiometric analyses. Under our licence complementary analyses of long-lived radionuclides, Uranium, Thorium and Plutonium radio-isotopes, can be carried out within our sister organisation, the Analytical Research Facility (ARF). The ARF houses two X-Series Thermo ICP-MSs and a Varian ICP-OES for the accurate and precise determination of elemental concentrations.

Contact Details

For further information about the Consolidated Radio-Isotope Facility and its services please email Will Blake.