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PoreXpert Ltd provides brand new software and consultancy services for the characterisation and optimisation of porous materials. In close partnership with Thermo Scientific and Porometer nv, we provide our PoreXpert software, for sale or consultancy, which  generates a three-dimensional simulation of the voids within a sample, based on porometry, porosimetry or, less directly, electron or optical microscopy.

The quantitatively matched structure can then be used to simulate properties that include depth filtration efficiency and absolute permeability. The software also has a ‘targeted modification’ feature which allows the user to make alterations to the structure virtually, so they or you can optimise the properties of your material in a cost effective manner or simulate future effects such a weathering.

The experimental work carried out by PoreXpert Ltd, to supply the very high quality data required by the PoreXpert software, is ISO 9001:2008 accredited ensuring best possible procedures and complete calibration to international standards.

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